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Best Cruise Destinations 2023

Best Cruise Destinations 2023

It’s officially the 2023 ‘wave season’ in the cruise world and that means that from now through March cruise lines will be offering some of the best deals and booking incentives for the whole year. This ‘wave’ of deals brings in thousands of travelers to purchase cruises for the upcoming year, or even a few years out. To put these deals into perspective, one cruise line heading from Miami to the Bahamas is going for $129 per person, at just $32 a night! So, where are the best places to sail to this year? 


swim with pigs

In addition to the great deal you can get on a cruise to the Bahamas, these islands might be the best choice for you if you’re looking to cruise to a low-key resort-style destination. With world-class resorts like Atlantis, you’ll have access to shopping, relaxation, and a water park all at your fingertips. The Bahamas is collectively a string of over 700 islands that have something for everyone, even swimming with pigs. Most cruise lines that head to this port will offer overnight stays or even week-long cruises to this destination. 




If pink sand beaches and history-rich paradise sound like your kind of vacation, then Bermuda is the stop for you! St. George is known for their vibrantly painted streets and colonial style buildings with some structures dating back to the early 1700s. Bermuda is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and bluest waters. HorseShoe Bay Beach is perfect for taking a quick dip or even grabbing your scuba gear to explore the world below the shoreline. If you plan to scuba, hike, or other sport activities while on your cruise stops, make sure you’re protected with an adventure travel insurance policy! 


Dominican Republic


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is one of the top Caribbean beach destinations. The weather is hot and beautiful almost year-round, the water is perfect for lounging or swimming, and the palm trees are shady and relaxing. You can explore things like sunken shipwrecks, stingray snorkeling, and even off-shore deep sea fishing for trophy-size marlin fish! The local cuisine includes never-ending fresh seafood, and local wine and rums. Be prepared once you step off the ship to barter with local sellers in kiosks along the beach front. Here, you’ll be able to purchase souvenirs and jewelry that will remind you of your trip for years to come. 




If an Alaska cruise is on your bucket list, now is the time to book it. Alaska cruises offer you a chance to see magnificent glowing blue glaciers and abundant wildlife up close and personal – while they are still around. Moose, bald eagles, brown bears fishing for salmon, orcas – no matter what time of year you go, you are almost guaranteed to have once-in-a-lifetime sighting while in or on your way to Alaska. And, if you time it right, you can also check seeing the northern lights off your list. Many cruise lines offer itineraries shaped around taking in the splendor of aurora borealis. 




Mexico is consistently one of the most popular cruise destinations worldwide. Cozumel especially is a favorite among travelers all over the world, and it is not hard to see why. History buffs, beach lovers, adventure-seekers, and foodies will all find something to love about Cozumel, along with their choice of cruise line to take them there. Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and more have sailings that land in one of the ports of call in Cozumel. If you will be spending some extended time in Mexico, read more about things to do in Mexico, especially if you visit during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). 


When should you buy cruise insurance? 

There are so many more cruise destinations, it’s hard to narrow it down or fit into a short list of favorite cruises. Wherever you decide to take a cruise in 2023 or 2024, be sure to add cruise insurance to your itinerary. 

Our cruise insurance plans cover you from the day after you purchase the policy through the time you get home from the cruise. Because of that, we recommend purchasing cruise insurance as soon as possible after booking your cruise. 

An even more important reason to purchase coverage sooner rather than later is the option to add a Cancel For Any Reason plan, which has to be done within 21 days (about 3 weeks) of booking. This coverage can provide reimbursement for up to 75% of your non-refundable prepaid expenses if you decide to cancel your cruise for any reason not otherwise covered by your policy. Our Safe Travels Voyager plan is our most popular cruise insurance plan and offers this high level of coverage for your next cruise. 

Looking for more information on cruise insurance? Read Seven Things to Know About Cruise Insurance. 

Happy sailing!

So, if you purchased a cruise during wave season, or you are thinking about booking a cruise soon, keep us in mind for all your cruise travel insurance needs! Our 24/7 friendly customer service team would be more than happy to help you figure out which plan is best for your trip. Happy sailing! 

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Give the Gift of Travel

Experiential gifting has recently gained popularity, with many people wanting to give or share experiences over gifting material things. To take that experience to the next level, add travel to it. Now you have given the lucky recipient a chance to make memories that last a lifetime and have officially won the title of top-gift-giver in your circle. Win-win!

Travel Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Disney Buffs
Be prepared for gleeful, ear-piercing screams when the kiddos or Disney fanatics on your list open a gift of Disney Cruise Line® cruise tickets or theme park passes to any of the Disney resorts worldwide (along with plane tickets and a hotel stay, if you are really feeling generous!). They will be ready to go before you can say, “Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse!”

Music Fans
There will be high fives, fist pumps, and hugs all around when the music lover that tops your nice list opens the envelope to find a pair of hard-to-get tickets for their favorite band or bucket-list music festival. Eras tour tickets for the Taylor Swift fan in your life, a jaunt to the UK for the Reading and Leeds Festivals, or a California desert trip for Coachella and Stage Coach will have any music lover applauding you. 

Wine Lovers
Expect a toast in your honor when the wine lovers in your life see a wine country tour when they open that envelope! Maybe you will even get a bottle or two from their favorite winery as a thank-you. Whether it’s a trip to the vineyards of Napa Valley, France, or Italy, it is hard to beat the intoxicating smells, sights, and tastes of wine country during the fall harvest. 

Winter Sports Enthusiasts
Rad snowboarder in your life? Plane tickets and lift passes are a no-brainer. From North American locations like Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Aspen, and Whistler to international snowboard destinations such as Japan, Austria, Chile, Italy, and more, there is no shortage of must-experience runs. Just be sure you know which resorts are better for snowboarding, as ski and snowboard runs can differ vastly. 

Stressed-out Besties
Maybe your stressed-out bestie has been dreaming of a yoga retreat. Or, let’s be honest, you need some serious chill time somewhere far away from it all and want your partner in crime along for the journey. Either way, a week-long yoga retreat in Hawaii or Costa Rica might be just the remedy to counteract the stress of the past year (or years!), at least for the week. Ahhh. Can you feel that tension melting away?   


The Finishing Touch: Travel Insurance

Now that you have purchased the perfect travel experience for your loved one, you’re ready to wrap it up and tie a bow on top. But before you do, consider adding a travel insurance plan as the finishing touch. A little-known but valuable feature of travel insurance is that, unlike other insurance, you can purchase it for someone else. 

Giving travel insurance gives the traveler security in knowing that if something unforeseen happens and the trip is canceled, delayed, or interrupted, it is not a total loss. In addition to prepaid, nonrefundable airfare, even the concert tickets, wine tour, and rented snowboarding gear can be covered if purchased before the trip is taken. A trusted travel insurance provider like Trawick International can help you determine which plan is suitable for the trip you are gifting. 

When you are ready to purchase the plan, you need basic information about the traveler to put their name on the policy. Putting their name and information on the policy will allow the gift recipient to make a claim and be reimbursed. One thing to keep in mind, if a claim is made, the traveler will need to provide proof of payment for trip costs. Be sure to hold onto your receipts or share them with the recipient. 

Whatever you decide, a travel gift is bound to be the season’s highlight for any recipient. We know we’d love to be on any list that involves being gifted travel! 

Happy gifting and safe travels!



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Thanksgiving Holiday Travel 2022

Thanksgiving & Holiday Travel 2022

Autumn is a season that, without a doubt, is a favorite for many people. It is synonymous with leaf-peeping, pumpkin spice, cozy scarves, apple picking, and in the United States, Thanksgiving, and (American) football. It also means that the holiday travel season is upon us, and more people than ever are planning trips to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. 

As said by Travel+Leisure, the surge of travel interest can be explained by travelers being ready to reschedule trips planned during the height of the pandemic, the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle, and of course, "revenge travel." After three long years of travel lockdowns, bans and restrictions, it appears that travelers are ready to fly, cruise, and road trip their way to visit family and friends or to simply get away. According to new data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, nearly 47% of Americans will travel this holiday season. Domestic destinations are the most popular, but international getaways like Europe, South America, and the Caribbean are also in high demand.  

Partnered with all this travel demand are high prices for gas, airfare, hotels, and, well, pretty much everything. The latest forecast issued by the travel app Hopper, predicts record-high prices for almost all modes of travel, meaning you’ll pay significantly more than you did during the last pre-pandemic holiday travel season. Experts are expecting this Sunday, November 20th, to be one of the most expensive times to fly this holiday season, and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 23 this year, to be the busiest, in airports and on the road.

Patience & Preparedness for the Win

While there is no doubt that traveling these days is a big investment in your money and your time, it is one that can be well worth it, to be able to visit loved ones or even just explore the world outside of your home. Being patient and prepared are the keys to a successful trip regardless of when, where, why, or how you are traveling this holiday season. If you are flying, getting to the airport extra early is an absolute must to get through the longer-than-ever security lines. And if you are driving, keep an eye on those traffic conditions and pack lots of road trip games, movies, and chargers to keep devices charged and little ones (and not so little ones!) entertained. 

Additionally, you should consider adding trip insurance to your travel plans to help protect the investment you put into your long-awaited trip and take the financial sting out of any unforeseen travel delays, interruptions, or cancellations that happen. Trip Cancellation plans offer the most comprehensive coverage, with everything from delays, cancellations, and interruptions to travel medical insurance for unforeseen illnesses or accidents. If you purchase early enough – within 14 days of booking your travel – you can add Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) to many plans, providing further protection against loss. Of course, plan coverages vary, so you should definitely do your research and select the right plan for you.  

Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, we wish you and your loved ones safe travels and happy holidays. 

Visit Trawick International for more information about our available plans or customize a plan and get a Travel Insurance Quote today.  



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Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most traveled to places in the world, and who hasn't thought of this beautiful, culturally diverse country as they eat flavorful tacos, listen to mariachi music, take in the paintings of artists such as Frida Kahlo, or see photos of beautiful long beaches with emerald coasts? There is seemingly no off-season in Mexico, with something to be enjoyed no matter what time of year you visit. 

One of the best – and most colorful – times to visit is in late October through early November, during Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Día de los Muertos is one of Mexico’s most significant pre-Hispanic traditions and, since 2008, part of UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Despite what the name may suggest, the Day of the Dead is not a day of mourning, but of celebration and joy.  

At its core, the day recognizes death as part of the human experience. Families gather to honor the lives of the deceased setting up ofrendas, decorating with skulls, and preparing pan de muerto (traditional bread). When preparing the altar for the deceased, some people assemble an offering that includes favorite meals and other personal items of the deceased, along with their photos. Having these items allows loved ones who have passed to feel rejuvenated after their long journey. 

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced this holiday to be carried out in a hybrid manner, because while in some areas, cemeteries remained open, in others, cemetery visits were suspended, or the number of attendees was restricted. This year, with 29 out of 32 entities in low-risk status, cemeteries are expected to have the same number of visitors as pre-COVID-19.  

Once the festivities have ended, you can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico, with a few days of sun, sea, and sand on the country’s renowned beaches. Chetumal and Playa del Carmen have something for everyone, with modern architecture, dream beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. In Tulum, you can see the Mayan ruins and picture-perfect landscapes. Cozumel is an ideal island for snorkeling and water sports, and finally we have Cancun, the perfect city in which to let go and have fun    

Or, if you are looking to instantly immerse yourself in the Mexican culture, we recommend you visit the capital, Mexico City. There you can visit places like Frida Kahlo's house, the historical center, the archaeological site of the Templo Mayor, the Plaza de la Constitución, or places like Las Trajineras de Xochimilco, the Bosque de Chapultepec, or the National Museum of Anthropology.

What to know before getting to Mexico

Since March 2022, travelers no longer need to fill out a health declaration form that was required to enter the country.    

There is no need to take a test before departure or undertake any form of quarantine. Those concerned they may have symptoms should ask for the Sanidad Internacional health organization.   

Some Mexican states or cities might have tighter restrictions than the country at large. Tourists may want to inquire with their hotels or resorts about any local directives before committing to plans.    

If you are visiting Mexico you need a Tourist Card which is an Entry Immigration Form that details information about your visit to Mexico and you can fill it out online. The Tourist Card is per person regardless of age and how long you will stay in Mexico. The information you provide in the Tourist Card is kept by the Mexican Immigration Authority as an official record of your visit to Mexico.

Travel Insurance for Mexico

Currently, travel insurance is not currently required for all Mexico, but a travel medical insurance plan is required for visitors to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Our Safe Travels Outbound plan is a primary temporary travel medical plan for US Citizens and US Residents when traveling outside the USA. It includes medical, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and security evacuation. Trawick International covers and COVID-19 expenses just as any other sickness or injury. 

Although a trip cancellation plan is not required travel to Mexico, it should still be a priority for all international travelers. Between flight delays, pilot shortages, and hurricane season, there are plenty of ways that you can be protected during your next trip. Our Cancel for Any Reason plans are perfect for the unknown. These plans provide reimbursement for the percentage of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments you paid for your trip, if you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy. 

Are you ready to head to Mexico? Get a quick quote from us today!


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Honeymoon Destinations 2022

honeymoon travel insurance

We are in the midst of wedding season, and this year’s wedding boom is projected to be one of the busiest since pre-COVID-19. Popular wedding planning site, The Knot, has estimated that as many as 2.6 million weddings will take place this year, which is up from the 2.2 million weddings we saw in 2019 and will be the most weddings in one year since 1984!  

Usually with the excitement of a wedding comes the (sometimes even larger) excitement of a honeymoon! With wedding culture growing more and more extravagant, lovebirds are adopting bigger and better ways to honeymoon. In this blog, we’ll look at three different but equally amazing options for your honeymoon in 2022.  

3 Destinations to Consider for your 2022 Honeymoon


Sitting perfectly central in the Caribbean, Jamaica’s blue waters and stunning mountain views are what puts this island country at the top of our list. From the vibrant culture to the welcoming personalities of the locals, Jamaica is the perfect spot to honeymoon. Active travelers will love the different adventures available in Jamaica, such as hiking, snorkeling, rafting, and swimming, while more laid-back travelers can enjoy beach lounging, bar hopping, and luxury resort life.  

If you’re taking your honeymoon to Jamaica during the fall, one thing to be considerate of is the possibility of a hurricane. With experts predicting an “above average” hurricane season for 2022, having a trip insurance plan in place is always a good idea to protect your investment. You can read more about how to protect your honeymoon in case of a hurricane here.  

Paris, France

You can’t have a list of top honeymoon destinations and NOT include the City of Love! Paris is the standard, textbook definition of a romantic honeymoon destination. With 5-star restaurants on every corner, wine flowing more freely than water, and gorgeous historic cobblestone streets and buildings, Paris has something for every lover.  

Some of the top things to do in Paris are taking a sunset cruise down the Seine River, visiting some of the world’s top museums and galleries, and sharing a bottle of champagne on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. Seeing as this is the City of Love, that means it can get very crowded as well. From May to September is when the weather is at its best and also when the tourist numbers are at their highest. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, try visiting between the months of October and April.  

Napa Valley, California, USA 

If you’re looking to visit or stay in the United States for your honeymoon, Napa Valley needs to be on your list for consideration. From the endless rows of picturesque grapevines to the ultra-luxurious all-inclusive resorts, what else could you want after the stress of planning an entire wedding? 

With near-perfect weather year-round, there really is not a bad time to visit Napa. The easiest way to get to wine country by air is to fly into San Francisco and then make the 90-minute drive North to the vineyards. August-October is harvest season in the valley, which means that is when prices are at their highest. But, if you’re willing to pay a little more to visit during these months, you’ll be rewarded with phenomenal weather, stunning foliage, and vines that are perfectly ripe and ready to be picked.  

If you’re traveling domestically within the U.S. to get to Napa Valley, don’t forget that you can always insure your trip with a Trip Cancellation insurance policy! Many people think you must be leaving your home country to get travel insurance, but that is certainly not the case. Trip Cancellation coverage will cover you if you don’t get to take your trip at all, and the included trip interruption benefits can cover you if you get delayed or miss a flight on the way there, due to a covered reason. 

Where will you honeymoon in 2022?

We’ve given you tropical, international, and United States honeymoon options, but there is an entire world out there for you and your love to explore on your honeymoon. This is such a special and exciting time in your life, and planning your honeymoon should reflect that. You take care of the wedding and honeymoon planning, and we’ll take care of you by covering you with a travel insurance plan that has your back should anything happen. Learn more about our honeymoon insurance today! 

Our customer service representatives are always ready and available to help you choose the best policy for your upcoming trip, live chat with us today!   

Or, if you are ready to go and have booked your honeymoon travel, get a quote for honeymoon travel insurance to make sure you and your trip investment are covered. 


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