An Adventure of a Lifetime Postponed

Sometimes Life Happens & Adventures Are Put On Hold

As many of you are aware, our very own Curt Carlson was going to take on an adventure that is considered one of the toughest challenges for adventure travelers in the Western Hemisphere.  Unfortunately for Curt and all of us who were planning on following his travel journey, he experienced an injury while training and will not be able to go on his mountain hiking adventure.

Curt was scheduled to embark on a 14-day mountain climbing trip with mountain climbing experts Mountain Madness if you recall from our previous blog post.  The tour he chose is called Volcanoes Around Ecuador: Guided Mountaineering on Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo.  He was determined and trained to make it to the summit at Cayambe, 18,996 feet above sea level.

Curt wanted us to reach out to everyone and thank them for their interest in his journey and all of the good wishes after his injury. He also wanted us to take this time to explain how SafeTeker would work if he were injured while hiking during his trip. 

Understanding The Travel Insurance He Choose

Please remember he chose to purchase SafeTreker, an adventure travel protection product designed to cover numerous sporting activities.  This adventure travel product offers varying benefits and coverage levels, depending on your budget and travel needs. 

The policy that Curt chose to protect his investment in his travel adventure was SafeTreker Extreme+.  He chose this plan because it covers his mountain climbing activity and provides up to $10,000 for Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption coverage with up to $100,000 Accident and Sickness Medical Coverage, up to $3,000 for baggage, Search and Rescue up to $10,000, and Sports Equipment Rental protection up to $3,000, among other benefits.

An Example Of How SafeTreker Would Work

Imagine that Curt is on the second leg of his journey with his tour group, Mountain Madness.  They are hiking up the world’s highest active volcano, Cotopaxi. I mean, you are hiking an active volcano. What could go wrong?  Two-thirds up their ascent of Cotopaxi, the climber in front of him, slips and falls back into him, knocking him off of his feet and he tumbles down the side of the volcano.

His Mountain Madness team rushes to his aid and determines that Curt has significantly injured his knee. 

It could have been much worse for Curt if he didn’t have SafeTreker adventure travel protection, as horrible as this situation sounds.  We noted that Curt chose SafeTreker Extreme+ as his insurance policy.  This policy provides up to $100,000 in Accident and Sickness Medical Coverage.  This coverage will cover the costs associated with the treatment of his injuries.  Additionally, his Trip Interruption coverage will reimburse Curt for the portion of the trip he missed and cover his return flight home.

Sometimes Things Happen When Going On Adventures

We are sad to say that Curt will not be going on his adventure, and we are glad the hypothetical situation we described above didn’t happen.  Still, we want everyone to know if you are willing to embark on an extreme adventure, make sure you talk to us and obtain a SafeTreker policy before you go on your journey.