Airlines Anticipate Quicker Holiday Travel

We all know that holiday travel can become a nightmare with delays and cancellations but, if you’re planning on traveling this year, there is some good news to report. Many of the leading airlines in the country are confident they’ll be able to handle the increased Thanksgiving travel volume thanks to the greater number of people that have signed up for quick screening. These programs are aimed at speeding up the slow security lines.

Just over 27 million people are expected to fly the friendly skies on a U.S. airline over a twelve day beginning on the 18th of this month and ending on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Those numbers represent a healthy increase of more than two percent from last year. The airline industry anticipates airport lines will become more manageable because of the greater number of people enrolled in programs such as TSA PreCheck.

Per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), close to four million people are currently enrolled in PreCheck, a substantial increase from 1.75 million in 2015. Over five million are enrolled in other screening programs such as Global Entry, a program overseen by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Slow moving security lines were a major headache during the spring season, resulting in thousands of passengers missing their flights during the first five months of the year. To address this, the TSA has increased its staff and continues to encourage people to sign up for the PreCheck program.

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