Traveling With a Severe Food Allergy

Traveling can be stressful enough, but traveling with a severe food allergy can potentially be dangerous if you are not careful. Review this list before traveling if you or someone you will be with has a severe food allergy! 

-Check the expiration date of your EPI pens.

-Have extra medication on hand.

-Fill out and have your chef card on hand.

-Pack safe snacks and treats.

-Bring wipes for surfaces and your hands.

-Make sure the other travelers know what to do in case of an emergency.

-Research dining options before your trip.

-Call ahead to the restaurant and ask to speak to a manager or chef about their policies regarding food allergies.

-Find places to stay with a microwave and refrigerator so that you can safely warm up and store safe foods.

-Inspect your room/hotel once you arrive for loose food or old residue.

Know where the nearest emergency room is in case a reaction occurs.

-Have a set emergency plan that your entire group is aware of.

-Be smart and stay safe!

These tips are brought to you by the Food Allergy Research & Education commission and you can learn more about food allergies at

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