Trip Insurance Requirements

As a travel insurance provider, Trawick International always recommends that travelers purchase a travel insurance plan to protect their investment in their trip. Yes, we sell insurance, but we don't want travelers to be left exposed and not covered if something unforeseen occurs while traveling. The Stuffed Suitcase website reported that travelers should plan on budgeting approximately $2,225 for one person, $3,400 for a couple, and $5,750 for a family of four for an international vacation. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on the destination and your hotel choices.

Let's think about this for a minute. A family of four has an average vacation cost of $5,750. Could you imagine if one of your family members got sick and couldn't go on the trip? You would lose nearly $6,000 if you were not insured. By having travel insurance, you would be able to recoup your money by submitting an insurance claim. Please note that you could purchase travel insurance for a fraction of the cost of the trip to make sure you are protected.

The effect of the COVID-19 virus

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is quite different from the world just two short years ago. In today's world, we have to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 the pandemic brought international travel to a complete halt. Countries all over the world closed their borders to international travelers to stop the spread of the virus. Luckily this year, with the release of the COVID-19 vaccination, many countries have allowed international travel to resume.

Travel regulations differ from country to country

As global travel continues to pick up. Each country has set up travel regulations for international travelers to follow. Some countries require proof of vaccination and others require a negative PCR test to enter. Many countries across the globe require travel insurance to visit. Over 40 countries have some form of travel insurance requirements to comply with before international travelers can enter their country. Today, with the spread of the delta variant and the potential spread of the lambda variant of the COVID-19 virus, we believe that more countries will require international travelers to have some form of insurance in the coming weeks.

The countries that require travel insurance

Anguilla Antarctica Aruba
Bahamas Bermuda Cambodia
Cayman Islands Chile Cuba
Curacao Democratic Republic of the Congo Dominican Republic
Ecuador Egypt French Polynesia
Israel Iran Jamaica
Japan Jordan Lebanon
Nepal New Zealand Schengen Countries
St. Maarten Tahiti Thailand
Turks & Caicos Ukraine United Arab Emirates

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If you and your family are considering international travel in the upcoming months or even next year. Please reach out to us at Trawick International. We have several travel insurance plans that comply with the travel regulations of the above countries. We also offer industry-leading travel insurance plans that can protect when traveling to different countries where travel insurance is not required. Contact us today to get a quote or purchase a policy!

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