What Travel Insurance Is Best For Seniors?

What Travel Insurance Is Best For Seniors?

Travel insurance for seniors is a tricky subject as not many companies offer comprehensive cover at affordable prices. Traveling abroad with your aged parents or relatives is always risky, especially if they’re above 70 years of age. They’re more likely to experience health issues that can spoil the trip and lead to large expenses and bills.

Buying travel insurance for seniors can be extremely beneficial as they provide cover against several untoward incidences. The type of travel insurance you choose for traveling abroad depends on factors such as your duration of stay, your general health condition, and activities that you wish to participate in while traveling.

Things to consider before buying travel insurance for seniors:

  • Duration of Stay –The longer you’re going to stay abroad, higher the chances of losing baggage, falling ill or an accident. Thus, you’ll have to choose a plan that covers all these; however, such a plan would be more expensive than just a medical travel insurance plan for seniors.
  • General health condition – If you suffer from critical illnesses like a heart ailment or liver disease then you must choose a medical travel insurance that covers everything from hospitalization to medicine and from critical medical care to evacuation. Your general health condition needs to be factored into the decision before choosing a policy.
  • Activities you wish to participate in –Even a short cab ride can be strenuous for seniors and accidents can occur during some simple activities like strolling on the beach. However, you must still plan accordingly and make a list of the activities that you wish to participate in while traveling. Now, depending on the nature of your activities, you must choose a plan that offers you the highest coverage.

Reasons why seniors should always buy travel insurance

  • Stolen baggage: If you’re 70 or above and still have a wanderer’s soul then you must get a travel insurance that covers your luggage. There’s nothing more frustrating than lost luggage with valuables during your trip. However, travel insurance that covers lost or stolen luggage can be immensely beneficial while traveling.
  • Trip Cancellations: Inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances can often lead to trip cancellations. If you don’t wish to lose your hard-earned money due to flight delays or cancellations, then it’s imperative you buy a travel plan that cover these specific circumstances.
  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions:  You will be compelled to buy waivers if your travel insurance doesn’t provide holistic coverage. Buy a travel medical insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Medical Emergencies: During international trips, seniors are more prone to falling ill than their younger counterparts. Seniors need to buy medical travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, which include both hospitalization and the cost of medicines.
  • Medical Evacuations: Seniors need to make provisions for emergency medical evacuation because travel medical insurance for seniors don’t cover transportation costs. Thus, it’s important to get a medical coverage that includes emergency medical evacuation, if such a situation arises.

Seniors need to take extra care while traveling abroad, especially to non-English speaking nations. In an emergency, it can be hard to find someone who you can communicate with effectively. Decent travel insurance covers emergency assistance and travel advice. Selecting the right type of coverage for your needs is done with thorough research before leaving on your trip.

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