Keeping Your Wallet Safe Abroad

Losing your wallet is one of the worst things that can happen during a vacation, potentially ruining the trip. However, there are some steps you can take to at least minimize the headaches involved should it happen to you.

Be aware of what is inside your wallet. Have you taken the time to see what the contents of your wallet reveal? Over time, you may forget about insurance cards, credit cards you don’t use, and other personal items. Keep a record of what’s in your wallet in a safe place and back it up to a secure location so you can access it online.

Carry only what you need. Many people bring along all of their credit cards or their social security card plus their license when they go on vacation. Stick only to the absolute essentials and you should be fine with just one official form of identification, your debit card, and/or a credit card.

Use the services of the U.S. Embassy. If you’re traveling abroad and lose your wallet and you don’t have any copies of your important documents, the United States Embassy can help you out. The U.S. Embassy can provide temporary identification and it may also be able to loan you money while you sort things out.

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