Travel Regulations For European Countries

Europe Is Now Open To Travelers From USA 

On June 16, 2021, the European Union designated the United States on the safe list.  So what does this mean for American travelers?  Regardless if the American traveler is vaccinated or unvaccinated, they can visit the 27 countries that comprise the European Union.  Please note the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union and has its own requirements for American travelers that are different than the 27 European Union nations. 

As of right now, the 27 European Union countries do not require international travelers to have travel insurance to enjoy each country.  We at Trawick International highly recommend purchasing a travel insurance plan from a travel insurance provider since trips to Europe are expensive.  The website indicated that a one-week European vacation cost approximately $2,225 for one person, $3,400 for a couple, and $5,750 for a family of four.  Think about it a family of four to visit Europe cost almost $6,000. With that type of cost, make sure you have proper protection. 

Each European Union country has some different regulations and nuances to their travel regulations, so make sure you check out the Reopen Europe website.  This site will provide you with pertinent information you will need to know before visiting your destination in Europe. 

What’s Going on in Some Popular European Union Countries 


We bet you didn’t know that before the COVID-19 pandemic, France was the most visited country in the world by international tourists.  Over 89 million international tourists in 2019 visited France, as reported by  Now that France is open again, many people will be visiting.  Here is some vital information that stated, France is now in the final stage of its four-stage journey out of lockdown. Nationwide curfew has ended and masks are no longer required outdoors, but you’ll still need to have one when entering enclosed public spaces and public transport, and crowded outdoor areas.  Local authorities can now decide what restrictions to implement, so check ahead to determine the local limits in the region you are traveling to because they might be different. 


Spain is almost as popular as France for international travelers and before the global COVID-19 pandemic, they were the second most visited country in the world.  Spain is preparing for an influx of international visitors since reopening.  Lonely Planet has revealed that as of June 26, masks are no longer legally required outdoors, provided people can keep 1.5 meters (5 feet) apart. But it’s a good idea to always take a mask with you as they’re still required in crowded outdoor spaces, public transport and taxis, and indoor spaces such as restaurants, airports, supermarkets, shops, and museums.  In addition, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, cultural attractions, and museums are open with capacity limits. Amusement and water parks are open with enhanced health and safety protocols. Beaches are open with social distancing guidelines in place. 


Last but not least, Italy was the second country in Europe to open to international travelers after Greece and it’s the fifth most popular travel destination for international travelers in the world.  Lonely Planet proclaimed that most restrictions had been lifted. Still, social distancing guidelines remain in public areas, as do mask requirements in crowded outdoor locations, public transport, and indoor public spaces.  Indoor dining has returned to Italy’s restaurants, cafes, bars, ice-cream parlors, and pastry shops. Some capacity limits apply, but the general rule is no more than six people per table. Hotels, spas, and swimming pools are open and beaches, but visitors must keep at least one meter apart when setting up towels, deck chairs, or umbrellas. 

Just a Gentle Reminder About Travel Insurance 

As noted above, trips to European nations are expansive, so please consider purchasing a travel insurance policy to provide you and your family with peace of mind if something were to go wrong while traveling.   Trawick International offers various travel insurance plans that can be customized to meet your family’s needs while vacationing in Italy. 

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