Caribbean Holiday

Take A Trip To The Caribbean This Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching quickly, as noted in a recent USA Today article, many travelers are booking flights and hotel accommodations.  So, what is causing this rise?  Many in the travel industry believe that there is pent-up demand from customers who want to visit their family and friends or go on vacation.

The next question is, where can travelers go?  A recent report from travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth highlighted the most popular destinations for holiday travel this year.  Due to COVID-19, this year’s list is different from years past.  In past surveys, the top destinations were usually European countries which have since closed their borders and implemented travel restrictions that lead to a significant shift in traveler behavior.  Caribbean countries now comprise half of the top ten destinations of American travelers.  The Caribbean countries on the list are Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Aruba.

As of November 3, 2020, 25, Caribbean countries have reopened their borders to travelers and have implemented COVID-19 travel protocols to protect travelers while visiting.  No matter if you’re an adventure traveler and want to explore the rain forest or a leisure traveler who wants to relax on the beach, the Caribbean offers something for everyone. Suppose you are still undecided about where and what activity you would like to try in the Caribbean.  Check out the ultimate Caribbean Bucket List to help you make your decision.

One thing every potential traveler should do before considering travel to the Caribbean and making travel arrangements is to review the COVID CTRL website.  This website provides an overview of how every country in the world is dealing with COVID-19.  You will obtain information on whether or not the government is open to receiving visitors, how the country is doing with containing the virus, what mandatory COVID-19 policies it has implemented, what tourist attractions are open, and the restrictions on shopping and dining options.

We get it; this year has been challenging for everyone.  So, if you can, take a trip to the Caribbean and enjoy yourself.  Before you book your trip, speak with us to obtain a travel insurance plan that covers COVID-19 and other concerns you may have.  Check out our COVID-19 FAQ Page for more information about which Trawick International plans offer coverage for COVID-19.

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