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How to prepare for Hurricane Idalia
How to prepare for Hurricane Idalia

Tropical Storm Idalia strengthened into a Hurricane early Tuesday morning and is expected to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday as a major hurricane, bringing with it life-threatening storm surge and dangerous hurricane-force winds. The storm is currently located in the Gulf of Mexico and is forecasted to track north-northeastward over the next few days.

The National Hurricane Center has issued hurricane warnings for much of the state's west coast, from Sarasota County through Franklin County in the panhandle. Storm surge watches are also in effect for those areas.

People living in low-lying coastal areas along the Gulf are urged to move to higher ground immediately. The storm surge could reach up to 11 feet in some areas and could cause widespread flooding and damage.

According to CBS News Idalia is also expected to bring heavy rains and flooding to the region. People are urged to stay informed about the storm's progress and follow the instructions of state and local officials.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind: Make sure you have a plan in place for evacuating if necessary, stock up on food, water, and other supplies, secure your home and property, stay informed about the storm's progress; and avoid being on the road in storm conditions as much as possible.

On the other hand, several airlines have issued advisories to passengers traveling to airports in the path of Hurricane Idalia. Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, and United are all allowing passengers to make changes to their flights for free within a certain time frame.

Hurricane Idalia is a dangerous storm, and it is important to take all necessary precautions to stay safe. Visit The National Hurricane Center for updates and please stay safe and aware!

Labor Day Travel 2023
Labor Day Travel 2023

According to the latest AAA booking data, travel for the Labor Day weekend is on the rise, surpassing last year's numbers. Domestic bookings for flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruises have seen a 4% increase, and international bookings have surged by an impressive 44%.

For those of you planning to make the most of the extended weekend, most travelers are opting to kick off their trips on Thursday or Friday. Whether you're seeking the vibrant energy of the Pacific Northwest, the enchantment of New York and Chicago, or the fun of international destinations like Europe and Canada, this Labor Day promises an influx of adventure and exploration.

AAA reveals that Seattle, Orlando, Anchorage, New York, and Las Vegas top the list of popular U.S. cities. Notably, the demand for Alaska cruises has boosted tourism in Seattle, and Florida's coastal gems are attracting travelers with their beautiful beaches and renowned theme parks, although these plans might have been put on pause due to Hurricane Idalia.

Internationally Vancouver, Rome, London, Dublin, and Paris are drawing many travelers. International hotel bookings have surged by an impressive 82%, with cruises not far behind at a 44% increase.

Don't forget to get insured to avoid any issues this Labor Day weekend! Get a quote with us now.

Maui Fire and Travel Update
Maui Fire and Travel Update

Recent wildfires in West Maui have caused significant loss of life, homes, cultural heritage, and businesses in Lahaina, prompting condolences and calls for respect from visitors across Hawaii. The Hawaii Tourism Authority is collaborating with emergency officials, aiming to inform travel partners and media about the situation. Here's what they had to say:

Governor Josh Green, aligning with the Authority, advises avoiding West Maui, including Lahaina, Nāpili, Kāʻanapali, and Kapalua, as a mark of respect for the affected areas. He emphasizes the economic importance of supporting other parts of Maui and the Hawaiian Islands for recovery.

Governor Green's emergency proclamation discourages nonessential travel to West Maui until October 17, 2023. Travelers are still encouraged to explore other parts of Maui and neighboring islands.

West Maui hotels are housing evacuees, workers, and responders, while vacation rental owners and those with available space are urged to provide temporary housing for displaced residents through the Fire Relief Housing Program.

Access to the fire-affected area is restricted due to extensive damage. Airlines serving Kahului Airport have implemented flexible policies due to travel disruptions. If traveling to Maui, it is important to constantly stay updated with travel news and local restrictions. Stay safe and be respectful!

Brazil to Bring Back Visa Requirements
Brazil to Bring Back Visa Requirements

Starting January 10th, 2024, an important change will take place regarding travel to Brazil for those holding passports from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Brazil's recent decision to reimpose visa requirements for travelers from these countries aims to reinstate reciprocity measures. While in the past, these nations enjoyed visa-free travel to Brazil, the new administration has made the decision to adjust these policies.

For those of you planning to visit Brazil, it's essential to be aware of the updated process. To enter Brazil, you will need to apply for a Visit Visa (VIVIS) online. This visa allows stays of up to 90 days for purposes such as tourism, business, and more. The application process will involve submitting key documents including a valid passport, proof of residency (if applicable), travel purpose, payment of processing fees, proof of outbound transportation, itinerary, and evidence of financial solvency.

One noteworthy detail is that these visas might now be valid for up to a decade, making future trips to Brazil more convenient for frequent travelers. Please note, however, that specific details such as processing time are yet to be fully disclosed. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure your passport has at least two blank pages to avoid any inconvenience at the time of entry into Brazil.

We understand that travel regulations can change, that's why we suggest you to stay informed and visit the Brazilian consulate website for updates.

UK Air Travel Disruptions
UK Air Travel Disruptions

Widespread travel disruption struck the United Kingdom as a result of a technical fault in the air traffic control (ATC) system, leading to numerous flight cancellations and delays. British Transport Secretary Mark Harper acknowledged that the situation could persist for days, with over 1,500 flights, over a quarter of all flights, being canceled due to the ATC system's reliance on a manual backup system. By Tuesday, approximately 5% of planned flights at UK airports had been canceled. Harper emphasized the need for an independent review of this significant problem and confirmed that the disruption was not attributed to a cyber attack.

Given the potential for the disruption to extend over multiple days, travelers are advised to remain patient and flexible with their plans. Those with upcoming flights should closely monitor their flight statuses by contacting their airlines directly or using online resources for real-time updates. If flights are canceled or significantly delayed, affected passengers should reach out to their airlines to rebook their travel arrangements without incurring extra charges. Additionally, passengers should retain any documentation, such as receipts, related to expenses incurred due to the disruption, as they might be able to claim these costs later. Keeping informed through official statements and news sources will also provide travelers with the latest information on the evolving situation.

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