The Safe Travels Journey plan covers trips up to $50,000 for trip cancellation and includes $150,000 per person of Excess Medical Coverage. The plan covers Pre-Existing Medical conditions provided when coverage is purchased within 14 days of initial deposit, prior to the Final Payment and the full, nonrefundable trip cost is insured. Includes $2,000 for potential accommodations/lodging expenses due to trip delay.

This plan offers several Optional Coverages including:

  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) provides reimbursement for 50% of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments you paid for your trip if you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this plan. Must be purchased with the initial policy and within 14 days of initial deposit, prior to the Final Payment and the full, nonrefundable trip cost is insured. To qualify for the CFAR benefit, you must insure your entire trip cost. To use the CFAR option when canceling your trip, you must cancel your trip in its entirety, at least 2 days prior to your scheduled departure date. (Not available in NY or WA).
  • Rental Car Damage up to $35,000 (Not available in NY or TX).
  • 24 Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

See Benefits of Coverage below for details.

This plan is only available U.S. Residents

Plan Highlights

  • Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Evacuation, Baggage – and more
  • Competitive pricing that’s customized for your trip
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason available within 14 days of initial trip deposit and prior to final payment.
  • COVID is treated the same as any other illness
  • Plan includes $150,000 of Medical Coverage
  • Coverage designed for travel within the United States or International
  • Optional Rental Car Damage Coverage
  • Optional 24 Hour AD&D

Benefits of Coverage

Trip Protection Benefits
Trip Cancellation
100% of the Insured Trip Cost up to $50,000
  • Airline Reissue or Cancellation Fees: $100
  • Reinstate Frequent Traveler Awards: $200
Trip Interruption
125% of the Insured Trip Cost up to $62,500
Trip Delay
$2,000 ($200 per day for delays 6 hours or more)
Missed Connection
$750 for delays of 3 hours or more
Rental Car Damage Coverage
Optional Benefit
Optional - $35,000 Not available in NY or TX
Additional Benefits
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Principal Sum
  • Common Carrier: $25,000
Free Look
This plan has a 10 Day Free Look period where you may cancel the insurance and receive a refund of premium provided no claim has been filed and you have not left on your trip. After the 10-day review period, the premium for this plan is non-refundable. Not available in NY/WA
Medical Benefits
Medical Expenses
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver
Includes benefits for Pre-existing Conditions when purchased within 14 days of the Initial Trip Deposit Date. Please ensure to review the full coverage details, terms and conditions.
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)
Optional Benefit
50% of the Insured Trip Cost within 14 days of trip deposit - some restrictions apply. Not available in NY or WA.
24-Hour AD&D
Optional Benefit
Emergency Evacuation Benefits
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Protection for Belongings Benefits
Baggage & Personal Effects
  • Per Article Limit: $200
  • Combined Article Limit: $500
Baggage Delay
$400 (12 hours or more)
24/7 Non-Insurance Benefits
Non Insurance Assistance Services

Plan Definitions

  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption

    Provides reimbursement of insured, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs if a trip is cancelled or interrupted for a covered reason*.

    * Refer to the Certificate of Insurance for a list of covered reasons.

  • Cancel for Any Reason - Optional

    If You purchase this optional benefit, the following coverage is available to You. If You cancel Your Trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this Policy, the Company will reimburse You for the percentage of the pre-paid, forfeited, non-refundable Payments or Deposits You paid for Your Trip shown on the Schedule of Benefits provided: (a) Your premium is received within the Time Sensitive Period and prior to Final Payment; and (b) You insure all pre-paid Trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions, and also insure within twenty-one (21) days of the payment for those arrangements, the cost of any subsequent arrangements (or any other arrangements not made through Your travel agent) added prior to Your Trip; and (c) You cancel Your entire Trip two (2) days or more before Your Scheduled Departure Date.

  • Trip Delay

    Coverage if You are delayed, while coverage is in effect, en route to or from the Trip for six (6) or more hours due to a covered reason* Covered Trip Delay Expenses include: (a) Any pre-paid, unused, non-refundable land and water accommodations; (b) Any Reasonable Expenses incurred; (c) An Economy Fare from the point where You ended Your Trip to a destination where You can catch up to the Trip; (d) A one-way Economy Fare to return You to Your originally scheduled return destination trip is delayed for a covered reason*.

  • Missed Connection

    Coverage if you miss your Cruise or tour departure, scheduled during your trip, that results from the cancellation or a delay for between three (3) and six (6) hours of all regularly scheduled airline flights due a Documented weather condition preventing You from getting to the point of departure for your trip. Benefits are provided for additional transportation expenses to join your departed cruise or tour; Reasonable expenses up to the per day limit; pre-paid nonrefundable payments or deposits for the unused portion of your cruise. Coverage is secondary to any compensation provided by a Common Carrier. Coverage will not be provided to individuals who are able to meet their scheduled departures but cancel their cruise or tour due to inclement weather.

  • Baggage Coverage

    Provides reimbursement for lost and stolen personal items, as well as costs incurred due to baggage delay.

  • Car Rental Damage Coverage - Optional

    Provides reimbursement for the cost of repairs, rental charges and/or actual cash value of the car rented by the insured while on the trip, and the car is damaged due to covered reasons* not within your control while in your possession.

  • Emergency Medical Coverage

    Provides reimbursement for emergency medical treatment if sickness or injury occurs while traveling.

  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver

    Exclusion is waived if coverage is purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit date, before the final trip payment, and the full, non-refundable trip cost is insured, and you are medically able to travel on the policy effective date.


    You may cancel this plan for refund by giving notice of cancellation to us, during the free look period. Most states have a 10 day free look period beginning the date the policy was purchased, but the State Certificate ultimately determines the timeframe of the free look period, if any.

Benefits listed describe all of the travel insurance benefits, underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. In WA, coverage is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all services and coverages. Plan benefits, limits, and provisions may vary by state. To review full plan details online, visit You will receive your State specific Plan Document which describes the benefits and limitations in detail including available 24-hour non-insurance emergency assistance services.