The Safe Travels Armor plan covers trip cancellation 100% up to $15,000 and trip interruption 150% up to $22,500. Also included is $100,000 primary emergency accident and sickness medical coverage. It covers pre-existing medical conditions when coverage is purchased within 14 days of deposit and the full, nonrefundable trip cost is insured. It offers $1,000 for potential accommodations/lodging expenses due to trip delay and airline ticket change fee.

This plan offers Optional Coverages including**:

  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) provides reimbursement for 75% of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments you paid for your trip if you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this plan. Must be purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit date. To qualify for the CFAR benefit, you must insure the full, nonrefundable trip cost. Residents of MA & PA must purchase the plan at least 60 days prior to their Scheduled Departure Date. (Not available to residents of NY)
  • Rental Car Damage Coverage $50,000

**Additional cost and terms apply. Available options differ by state.

This plan is only available U.S. Residents

Plan Highlights

  • Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Evacuation, Baggage – and more
  • COVID is treated the same as any other illness
  • Up to $100,000 of Primary Medical coverage
  • Designed for those who are looking for the highest available benefits
  • Cancel for Any reason available within 14 days of deposit
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Lost Baggage and Baggage Delay
  • Pre-Existing Coverage on plans purchased within 14 days of initial deposit
  • Available to US residents traveling within the United States and abroad

Benefits of Coverage

Trip Protection Benefits
Trip Cancellation
100% of the Insured Trip Cost up to $15,000 per person
  • Airline Reissue or Cancellation Fees: $100/6 Hours
Trip Interruption
150% of the Insured Trip Cost
Trip Delay
$1000 ($150 per day for delays of 12 hours or more)
Missed Connection
$500 for delays of 12 hours or more
Rental Car Damage Coverage
Optional Benefit
Optional - $50,000/$100 Deductible- Not available in all states.
Medical Benefits
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)
Optional Benefit
75% of Non-Refundable Trip Cost Restrictions apply. Residents of MA & PA must purchase the plan at least 60 days prior to their Scheduled Departure Date.  See plan document for details. (Not available in NY)
Medical Expenses
Primary $100,000 Limit/$50 Deductible
  • Dental Expenses: Up to $750
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver
Includes benefits for Pre-existing Conditions when purchased within 14 days of the Initial Trip Deposit Date. Pre-Existing Conditions Look Back Period -180 days.
Additional Benefits
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Principal Sum
  • 24 Hour: $10,000
  • Flight Only: $25,000
Free Look
This plan has a Free Look period where you may cancel the insurance and receive a refund of premium provided no claim has been filed and you have not left on your trip. The number of "Free Look" days varies by state. See Plan Documents for details.
Emergency Evacuation Benefits
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Protection for Belongings Benefits
Baggage & Personal Effects
$1,000 Primary - $0 Deductible
  • Per Article Limit: $100
  • Combined Article Limit: 50% of Baggage & Personal Effects Benefit
Baggage Delay
$250 ($100 per day12 hours or more)
24/7 Non-Insurance Benefits
Non Insurance Assistance Services

Plan Definitions


    The plan will reimburse you if you are prevented from taking your covered trip due to any of the unforeseen Events listed on your plan. The event must occur before you depart on your covered trip and while your coverage is in effect. Covered expenses include a. Forfeited, prepaid, non-refundable, and non-refunded published payments or deposits that you paid for Your unused trip. Should you elect to reschedule your trip instead of cancelling, in lieu of covering these expenses we will pay for change fees charged by your travel supplier.


    We will reimburse you for the percentage of the prepaid, forfeited, non-refundable Payments or Deposits you paid for your Trip shown on the Confirmation of Coverage If you cancel your Trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this Certificate. Must be purchased within 14 days of the trip deposit date, and the full, non-refundable trip cost is insured. Residents of MA & PA must purchase the plan at least 60 days prior to their Scheduled Departure Date. (Not available for residents of NY)


    If you or your traveling companion, booked to travel with you, are prevented from continuing or resuming your trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, injury, death, strike, bankruptcy, terrorist attack, called to military duty, subpoenaed for jury duty. Please see your state certificate for details.


    If you are delayed for 12 or more hours, while in route to or from your trip due to a defined unforeseen event such as delay of common carrier, traffic accident, weather, stolen passports or visas, quarantine, hijacking, unannounced strike, mandatory evacuation order due to a natural disaster, adverse weather or natural disaster resulting in the obstruction of public roadways or curtailment of public transportation. We will reimburse you, up to the plan maximum for covered additional expenses on a one-time basis.


    For the expense of replacing necessary personal effects if your checked baggage is delayed or misdirected by a Common Carrier for more than 12 hours while on your trip. Primary Coverage.


    For the loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects while checked with a Common Carrier during your trip. Primary Coverage.


    If You used frequent traveler awards (frequent flyers miles or hotel rewards) for any part of a covered trip, for the fees incurred by you for re-depositing those awards in Your account if the covered trip is canceled due to any of the unforeseen events under trip cancellation and/or trip interruption coverage.


    If you miss your cruise or tour departure, scheduled during your Trip, that results from cancellation or delay, for three (3) or more hours, of all regularly scheduled airline flights due to Inclement Weather. Coverage is secondary to any compensation provided by a Common Carrier.


    For necessary covered expenses while on your covered trip and as a result of an accidental injury or emergency sickness that first manifests itself during the covered trip and the initial documented treatment is given by a physician during this trip.


    Exclusion is waived if coverage is purchased within 14 days of the initial
    trip deposit date, and the full, non-refundable trip cost is insured, and you are medically able to travel on the policy effective date.


    If You suffer an accidental injury or emergency sickness that warrants your emergency medical evacuation while you are on a covered trip. Covers medically necessary transportation, including reasonable and customary medical services and supplies incurred in connection with your emergency medical evacuation. Expenses for transportation must be: a. recommended by the attending physician; b. Required by the standard regulations of the conveyance transporting You; and c. Reviewed and pre-approved by our assistance company.

    If you die due to an accidental injury or covered sickness during the covered trip covers costs to return your body to your primary residence.


    We will reimburse you for the cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired, the actual cash value of the car or the maximum benefit. You must be a licensed driver and listed on the rental agreement in order for coverage to apply.


    You may cancel this Policy for refund by giving Trawick International notice of cancellation during the free look period.

    FREE LOOK PERIOD~ is 14 days except in the following states: Arkansas 15 day Free Look, Texas 15 day Free Look, Virginia 15 day Free Look, Florida 21 day Free Look, Indiana 30 day Free Look, New York: After the14-day Free Look period has expired the insured may cancel their policy at any time with a pro-rata refund if the insured has not started their trip and a claim has not been filed or intended to be filed.

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