Tailgate Protection

Tailgate Protection Covers The Unexpected For Your Event

Tailgate Protection, provided through our Safe Travels Voyager plan may cover all of the prepaid non-refundable expenses of your event for. This protection may also cover COVID-19 MEDICAL EXPENSES, along with providing benefits for other unforeseen circumstances that could occur before or during your tailgating experiences.

Below is a list of all eligible things Tailgate Protection may cover:

  • Event Tickets
  • Your airfare if you flew to the tailgate
  • Car rental if you rent a car for the tailgate
  • Cost of your lodging
  • The prepaid catering for the tailgate
  • Medical expenses if a medical event were to occur and prevented you from having your tailgate experience
  • Your rental for tent and chairs

Expenses must be prepaid and non-refundable, included in the cost of the insured trip and proof of payment must be provided at the time of a claim.