SafeTreker Sports

Special Sports and Activities Coverage

  • BASIC This is the default SafeTreker level. It covers a very wide range of sports and activities.
  • SPORT This level covers higher-risk sports for an extra charge. It includes all sports listed under Basic.
  • EXTREME Feeling risky? This level is for even higher-risk sports and includes those covered under Basic & Sport.
  • EXTREME+  For the highest risk sports. It includes those covered under Basic, Sport & Extreme.

As you go through the Get a Quote process, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Many sports have various types and levels. Make sure you select the correct level.
  • Select all the sports you would like to insure for your trip, so you get the right level of coverage. 

An extra layer of protection for high-altitude climbers
For high-altitude climbing – mountains above 14,000 ft., listed below as Climbing (mountaineering) up to 7,000m and Mountaineering up to 7,000m – your guide service must be vetted and approved by Trawick International in order for you to get insurance coverage. We do this to help ensure your safety as a climber by helping you avoid fraudulent guides. If your guide service is not listed in the drop-down menu you will find in the Get a Quote form, don't fret! Please contact us to see if they can be added. We will vet them and accept them as an approved guide service if they meet our criteria. 

The list below shows the 500+ named sports that the SafeTreker plans cover. If your sport does not appear on the list, we may still be able to help you. Please contact us to find out.

Sports List