SafeTreker Extreme

Coverage for US Citizens and US Residents only.  For our most adventurous customers. The Extreme Level offers all the benefits of Sport level coverage plus coverage for over 500 named sports! There’s more! $5,000 for trip cancellation. $100,000 for accident coverage, $3,000 for baggage. Search and rescue up to $10,000 and Sports Equipment Rental protection up to $5,000. For more information see our About SafeTreker, Coverage Levels, and Sports pages. This plan is not available for trips to or in Antarctica.

SafeTreker Extreme Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, sports equipment rental, search and rescue and non-medical evacuation
  • Valid for US residents
  • Up to $100,000 in Primary emergency medical coverage
  • Available for travelers up to age 64 at the time of enrollment
  • Coverage for 400+ extreme sports and activities
  • For trip cost up to $5,000 per person
  • Flat rate of $159 per person for trips up to 30 days; $435 per person for trips 31-180 days
    *Not including administrative fee of $30.00

Benefits of Coverage

Trip Cancellation 100% of Trip Cost
($5,000 max.)
Trip Interruption 100% of Trip Cost
($5,000 max.)
Trip Delay $1,000
($200/day) (12 hours or more)
Baggage Delay $750
(12 hours or more)
Baggage & Personal Effects $3,000
Sports Equipment Rental $5,000
Emergency Accident Medical Expense $100,000
Emergency Sickness Medical Expense $100,000
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation $1,000,000
Search and Rescue $10,000
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation $100,000
24-Hour AD&D $25,000
24/7 Non-Insurance Assistance Service Included

Benefits listed describe all of the travel insurance benefits, underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all services and coverages. Plan benefits, limits, and provisions may vary by state. To review full plan details online, visit You will receive a Certificate if Insurance which describes the benefits and limitations in detail including available 24-hour emergency assistance services and for your state of residence.

Trip cancellation & interruption

Provides reimbursement of insured, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs if a trip is cancelled or interrupted for a covered reason*.

Trip delay

Provides reimbursement of additional costs for accommodations, transportation and meals if a trip is delayed for a covered reason*.


Provides reimbursement for lost and stolen personal items, as well as costs incurred due to baggage delay.

Sports equipment rental

Provides reimbursement for the cost of renting sports equipment if your checked sports equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed by a common carrier.

Emergency accident & sickness medical expense

Provides reimbursement for emergency medical treatment if sickness or injury occurs while traveling.

Search and rescue

Provides coverage for search and rescue if you become lost, disoriented or are reported missing during a covered activity.

Emergency medical evacuation

Provides coverage for emergency medical evacuation, if necessary, to the nearest adequate medical facility, also includes repatriation.

Non-medical emergency evacuation

Provides reimbursement for a non-medical emergency evacuation due to a covered reason.

* Refer to the Certificate of Insurance for a list of covered reasons.