New Travel Apps for Your Next Trip


Last month we took a look at some of the best apps currently available for frequent travelers, including apps designed to help you keep track of flights to useful currency converters and language apps that will help you when you’re in a foreign country. This month we’re spotlighting some new apps that can help make your next trip that much easier.

We’ll begin with an app called Dufl. Launched last year, Dufl will store a suitcase full of the items you consider travel essentials for just $10 a month and will even ship it to you whenever the need to travel arises. For a fee, you can have your clothing cleaned, packed, and shipped to your destination so you can keep your baggage light and spend less time at airport security checkpoints.

There are numerous apps designed to help you save on the cost of a flight, but if you really want to save some money, consider Hopper. Using predictive analytics, the app will tell you the best time to get the cheapest tickets and can even estimate for you how much you’ll save if you book a flight on a certain day.

When you’re in a new country or city, there are the official landmarks and attractions and then there are those best kept secrets that only the locals know about. With Sidekix, the app will create a walking route for you highlighting notable places of interest, eateries, and cultural hotspots based on current trends. The app prioritizes local places versus major chains.

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