About Dogtag

Dogtag 100% Proof Travel Insurance

We're more than just travel insurance.
Uniquely, we issue every insured person a personalized stainless steel Dogtag which could be vital in an emergency. It has: 

Who and What is DOGTAG?

DOGTAG® is a registered trademark and trading style of Dogtag Ltd. We sell travel insurance. Our Registered Office is 167-169 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PF (Co. Reg. No 3886668), and our Business Address is Post Office Box 2284, Fairhope, Alabama USA 36533.

What does 100% Proof Travel Insurance mean?

*100% Proof Travel Insurance refers to our proof of insurance (your personalized Dogtag) and our Medical Emergency system. It does not form part of your contract of insurance, which is subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Plan Document.

So how does the 100% Proof system work?

When you travel abroad, you may be in a country with standards that differ from those in your home country. Foreign clinics want to know they will be paid for treating you BEFORE they treat you. With DOGTAG, you can prove you're insured. You simply wear your stainless steel Dogtag around your neck! Let's face it, you won't be going surfing with your insurance documents tucked into your swimsuit! Our web-based verification system quickly proves to a foreign medical provider that you are covered. If your provider is still not convinced, he or she can view our contact details on your tag and your emergency web page. Time is crucial! Take it from us, foreign clinics WILL want to know you are covered before they start any treatment - it happened to us, and it's why we invented DOGTAG.