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Diwali Is Approaching

Travel Insurance From India to USA

Diwali Is Approaching. Are You Protected To Celebrate?

Diwali will be celebrated on November 14th and last for five days this year.  Diwali is a beautiful time for Hindu families to come together and celebrate by having elaborate feasts, lighting diyas, and just being together.  This year, unfortunately, many who celebrate Diwali will not have the opportunity to travel to India because of COVID-19 travel restrictions and celebrate with family.

Luckily, there are no restrictions for visitors from India to visit the United States.  Over the past 30 years, the popularity of Diwali has increased in the United States.  This is no surprise that Diwali observance is on the rise because there are over 2.23 million Hindus in the United States now, according to the Pew Research Center. Hinduism and Buddhism are the fourth-largest faith groups in the country behind Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

Travelers will need to take additional precautions to protect themselves and their families when traveling to the United States to celebrate Diwali this year.  We at Trawick International highly recommend that if you are visiting the United States from India or another country that celebrates Diwali, you should purchase a travel medical insurance policy.  Unlike many countries, the United States does not provide healthcare insurance for travelers abroad.

What is travel medical insurance, you ask?  Travel medical insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover emergency health care costs incurred while traveling or vacationing abroad.  For example, you slip and hit your head and are rushed to the hospital.  You will be responsible for covering all the costs associated with your visit to the hospital out of pocket.  Now, if you were to purchase travel medical insurance, the price of a local ambulance to transport you to the hospital, your emergency room co-payment, the bill for your hospital room and board, and all other eligible medical expenses would be covered under your travel medical insurance policy.

Trawick International offers several plans for non-US Citizens/Residents to purchase.  Our Safe Travel USA, Safe Travel USA Coast Saver, and Safe Travels USA Comprehensive medical plans provide coverage for COVID-19 related expenses and treat it the same as any other sickness.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Trawick International has insured COVID-19 and will continue to do so to make sure that families from across the world can be together to celebrate life’s special moments.

Visit Trawick International for more information about our Inbound to the USA Travel Medical Insurance or obtain your Travel Medical Insurance Quote.

By Administrator at 23 Oct 2020

How COVID-19 Will Impact Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel Insurance

How COVID-19 Will Impact Holiday Travel

Just like most of 2020, the holiday travel season will be disrupted by COVID-19.  In years past, holiday travel is one of the busiest times of the year, with millions of people traveling via planes, trains, buses, and cars to see their loved ones.  This year many people are unsure if they will travel for the holiday season because of COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that travel increases your chance of getting and spreading the COVID-19 virus.  So if you are looking to travel this holiday season, you need to take enhanced precautions before traveling.  A recent Washington Post article provides some useful tips to take before traveling this holiday season.  Below are some of the best travel tips from the article:

  1. If you’re traveling with children, be aware of the latest CDC guidelines and travel company policies.  The CDC recommends masks for children two years of age and older.  The mask policies of major airlines follow this guidance, and recent incidents of children and their parents being removed from planes have illustrated how strictly they are being enforced.

  1. If you’re getting behind the wheel for your trip, pack with the pandemic in mind.  Stock your vehicle with face masks, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.  Don’t rely on picking up supplies during the trip since there is no guarantee they will be in stock wherever you’re headed or passing through.

  1. Airbnb responded to the pandemic by launching an Enhanced Cleaning Initiative for hosts, including new cleaning and sanitizing protocols.  To earn an “Enhanced Clean” certification, hosts must follow a detailed five-step cleaning process, including providing guests with cleaning supplies.  Look for the “Enhanced Clean” highlight on listings when deciding on a rental.  There are individual sanitation steps you can take as well.  Nasia Safdar, the medical director of infection control at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, recommends wiping down surfaces with disinfecting wipes.  Consider cleaning the other items you have brought with you into the rental, too, such as phones, computers, and luggage.

  1. If you’re flying with luggage during the pandemic, health experts recommend carrying on instead of checking a bag.  Not only are you able to better control who touches the bag, but you will bypass potentially crowded luggage carousels.

  1. Coronavirus tests are at the top of pre-trip checklists these days, and they’re an advisable step toward traveling as safely as possible during the holidays.  Two kinds of tests exist to look for active infections.  There are various places offering coronavirus testing, including urgent care centers, travel clinics, fire stations, pop-up sites, pharmacies, and most hospitals.

We at Trawick International want everyone to have the best possible holiday experience they can have, because frankly, after this year, we all deserve it.  That is why we highly recommend travelers purchase a travel cancellation insurance policy that covers COVID-19 related losses.  Please note that not all travel cancellation insurance policies cover COVID-19.  Please make sure the policy you purchase does.  Check out our COVID-19 FAQ Page for more information about how Trawick International travel insurance covers COVID-19.

By Administrator at 19 Oct 2020
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