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What Travel Insurance Do I Need for Thailand?

Thailand Travel Insurance

What Travel Insurance Do I Need for Thailand?

Thailand features on the list of top 10 tourist destinations in the world and travelers get to experience   everything from amazing nightlife to jungle adventured. If you are excited about visiting this colorful country, then it will be wise to buy travel insurance. It’s may not be mandatory, but trip coverage helps you travel in peace and gives you financial protection from untowardly incidences like accidents, baggage loss, medical care and even cancellations.

In order to be safe and avoid travel annoyances you can always buy a travel insurance plan that offers decent cover for your needs. There’re different types of insurance policies that covers almost anything that you plan to do in Thailand. Here’s a list of travel insurances that you can choose from before departing for a fun-filled tour of Thailand:

  • Travel Accident Insurance

Along with term life, accidental death, even dismemberment is covered by travel accident insurance policies. Flight or travel accidents may also be of concern, so travel accident policies cover such loses. This insurance also offers other financial assistance to cover emergency evacuations, baggage loss, dental and medical expenses and repatriation. You can avail all the benefits during your entire Thailand trip and it’s particularly beneficial for frequent travelers visiting risky locations.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

Your general health insurance won’t be any good when you travel to Thailand. It’s best to get a travel medical insurance plan that acts as an extension for covering dental, medial and even evacuation costs while you’re travelling. Travel medical insurance policies are quite affordable, as it doesn’t provide cover for incidents like trip cancellations. However, there’re some insurance plans that cover delayed trips or lost baggage.

  • Medical Evacuation Insurance

In case you suffer from a critical illness or suffer a catastrophic accident, you might need emergency medical evacuation while travelling to Thailand. Medical evacuation insurance is the perfect financial cover to take care of your hospitalization, evacuation and even return trip for minor family members. There are plans that offer term life and extra benefits covering adventure sports, trip interruptions and lost luggage. Your loved ones and family members will appreciate medical evacuation insurance in case you’re hospitalized while traveling to Thailand.

  • Package Travel Insurance

This is the most popular and comprehensive travel insurance plan because you can get a customized plan as per your travel needs. Usually this type of a plan covers everything from evacuation to luggage problems and medical costs to trip delays and cancellations. Some plans even cover pet care, identity theft assistance, credit card, passport services, rental car collisions, adventure activities, roadside assistance, lost luggage, sports equipment, evacuations and return of minors.

Of late Thailand, especially it’s capital city Bangkok, has been witnessing heavy political turmoil and you might encounter several problems while travelling. Trip delays and cancellations cannot only spoil your holiday mood but lead to financial losses. Thus, travel insurance policies will come in handy while travelling to this beautiful and exotic country. However, it’s imperative to check out all the terms and conditions pertaining to the travel insurance plan before buying.  Research online and search for a plan that suits your travel needs and insurance requirements.

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What Travel Insurance Do I Need For Backpacking?

Backpacking Travel Insurance

What Travel Insurance Do I Need For Backpacking?

Backpacking trips are fun because you get to explore the world on your own and most importantly, at an incredibly low budget. However, backpacking comes with its own set of problems like lost baggage, broken equipment, robberies and the risk of infections. Travel insurance can actually save backpackers from major financial setbacks during their travels and help them explore new places without worrying about these issues. 

Hitting the road without proper travel insurance can prove to be an expensive mistake. You’re bound to encounter problems while travelling and if you don’t want to be stuck with large travel bills to rock your travel plans then it’s best to buy adventure travel insurance.

In their excitement for crazy adventures, backpackers often don’t give much importance to buying travel insurance. However, they often forget that in reality travel insurance comes at a cost of less than $1 a day. Well, there’re some amazing travel insurance plans being offered by several companies, you’ll be spoilt for options while shopping around. In this blog post, we shall try to dig further and find out what to look for while buying backpacking travel insurance.

Picking an Appropriate Backpacker Travel Insurance

You can get overwhelmed while picking an appropriate backpacker travel insurance as there’re some incredibly affordable plans available. However, since travel insurance is a critical part of your travel plan, it’s important to check the offerings before buying a plan.

Here’s what a decent backpacking travel plan includes:

  • The backpacking travel insurance must cover majority of the countries you expect to travel
  • Covers for damaged, lost or stolen baggage, documents, possessions etc
  • Covers high-value goods like laptops, cameras etc
  • Dedicated 24X7 emergency helpline
  • Minimum Personal liability insurance of $1 million to cover the costs if you damage a property or injure an individual
  • Medical Cover of at least $1 million
  • Covers cost of repatriation to home country in case their serious injury or illness
  •  Cancellation cover of at least $1000 to help you rush back to your home in case of an emergency
  • Cover legal expenses, should you need one
  • Option of extending the policy if you decide to stay longer than you originally planned
  • Must offer outdoor coverage

Additional Things to Consider while Purchasing Backpacker Insurance 

  • Check for the smaller things:Most travel insurance plans don’t cover injuries incurred while performing high risk activities. You need to read the plan documents carefully to find out if this clause is included or not. Pay an extra premium if you want to be involved in various risky outdoor activities. If you plan in going to higher elevations like mountains and rough terrain, then find out if your policy covers helicopter transit costs or not. 
  • Drugs and alcohol: No insurance plan will provide financial cover if an accident occurs in an inebriated state. Getting a breathalyzer test after being injured can be solid proof that you weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of an accident.
  • Electronics and Valuables insurance: It’s always good to pay a little more for covering valuables and electronic devices. Find out if your chosen plan actually covers valuables like jewelry and laptop. 

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