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Traveling Simply With The Youngs

Traveling Van

Meet Kaelan and Daniel Young, newlyweds who have turned their love for nature into the most unique travel adventure. Kaelan, a first-grade elementary school teacher, and Daniel, a Marketing Director for a non-profit organization, have bought their first home together… and it came on wheels!


The couple have spent many weekends together camping (in tents) in various state parks all over the southeast. Their ultimate dream was to own their very own camping vehicle to take their outdoor trips to the next level and this dream came true in December of 2018. 

The Youngs purchased “Willy” from a seller in Baton Rouge, LA and instantly fell in love with the charming little van the moment they stepped inside. Just big enough for the 2 of them, there is a working toilet, sink, and a 7-gallon solar heated shower! 


Being environmentally friendly is VERY important to the Youngs, and their van allows them to experience nature while also not damaging her as much as traditional campers might. They love to live their life by the motto: Fill your life with adventures, not things and have stories to tell, not stuff to show.


The pair spent their new year’s holiday taking the Willy to North Georgia to check out a few state parks. Here’s what Kaelan had to say about their experience:

“Our North Georgia adventure was filled with incredible summit views, long rocky hikes, and towering waterfalls.

We started our trip in Talulah Gorge State Park where the 1,000 foot-deep gorge was formed by the Talulah River. We walked over an 80-foot high suspension bridge and down 1,200 steps to the base of the gorge where we saw Hurricane Falls.

Then we drove to Fort Mountain State Park, which looked like we were standing in the clouds. We hiked all of the trails in the park, with Gahuti trail being the longest at 8.2 miles. In the beginning, the hike was eerie with thick fog, but it cleared and we were able to eat lunch by a crystal clear stream and admire the beauty of the forest.

Our last stop was in Cloudland Canyon State Park, which had the most stunning views and waterfalls. We hiked the East and West Rim trails deep into the gorge floor where we viewed Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls (and walked a ton of stairs to get there), making the 6.2 mile hike well worth it.

Props to Georgia State Parks for keeping their land pristine (besides the occasionally plastic bottle we found because people suck). The trails were all marked and well-maintained. They also had many signs informing people to always stay on the trails to protect the fragile land.

Support and appreciate our State and National Parks! There is so much beauty all around us!”


Traveling doesn’t always mean stress, airports and tons of unnecessary expenses. Sometimes the most memorable trips are the ones spent enjoying each other, our beautiful planet and quiet time.

By Emily Glen at 11 Jan 2019

Trawick's 2019 Wanderlust List


As we begin 2019, we started to reflect on our 2018 travels. From London, the Bahamas, New York and Ireland to Mykonos, Italy, Nashville and more, our year was filled with abundant exploring. Here is our top 9 wanderlust worthy places we would love to travel to in 2019! Have a place that we should have added? Drop it in the comments! 


9. Dubai 

Known for its super modern architecture, very lively nightlife and extraordinary shopping, Dubai was a MUST for Trawick's 2019 Wanderlust List. 


8. Switzerland

Switzerland's ski resorts, breath-taking mountain views and hidden villages are what landed this country at number eight on our list. We also wouldn't mind picking up a few chocolate goods and maybe even a watch while we are there! 

Emerald Lake

7. Emerald Lake, Canada

I mean COME ON! This picture looks photoshopped! Emerald Lake also has a high-end resort style lodge that sits on the edge of the lake giving you these kind of views every day you wake up.

Amalfi Coast

6. Amalfi Coast

If the Amalfi Coast is not on your lifetime wanderlust list, you need to reconsider. This unique part of the Italy is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and also some of the best food as well! 

Glacier Bay

5. Glacier Bay

One of the United States most incredible national parks, Glacier Bay in Alaska is a bucket list place to visit for sure. We have heard so many good things about Alaskan cruises and we wouldn't mind waking up to these views each morning! 


4. Sydney, Australia 

Sydney is iconic and that is exactly why it landed a spot on our list this year. A harbor cruise around the opera house is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we hope that we can get across the globe sometime in 2019! 


3. London

We try and visit London at least once a year, usually during the summer. There is just something magical about this city, which is why we keep returning. If you have not had a chance to visit it yet, we HIGHLY recommend it! 


2. Chicago, Illinois 

One of the top most visited cities in the United States, Chicago is home to the Bears, the Cubs and some of the best brunch spots in the country! From Millennium park to Navy Pier, you will never run out of activities in this city. 


1. Singapore

And the number one spot on our list for 2019 goes to Singapore! This city has immaculate architecture and a rich night life. A city with a tropical vibe? Sign us up! Also after seeing the film, Crazy Rich Asians, in 2018, how could we NOT want to visit this place? 


We hope that you get to scratch a few wanderlust places off of your list in 2019! The world is waiting for you to see it! And remember, if you are traveling outside of your home country, your traditional medical insurance probably will not cover you.

Our Travel Medical Insurance plans can help fill the gap. If you are taking a trip in your same country but are worried about having to cancel the trip, this is where our Trip Protection Plans can come in handy.

If you have questions about what kind of coverage you may need, please visit our website and use our live chat feature or just give us a call at 888-301-9289! We would love to help you find a perfect plan for your trip. 

Founded in 1998, Trawick International is a full service travel insurance provider specializing in protecting travelers of all types around the world. We offer a variety of travel insurance plans designed specifically by types of coverage, including comprehensive travel protection insuranceinternational travel medical insurance, visitor’s insurance, and international student insurance. 

Our company mission is to deliver superior travel and medical insurance products which offer the best 24/7 emergency assistance services available. To become a Trawick International partner call 888-301-9289 or email info@trawickinternational.com

Happy New Year! 

By Emily Glen at 3 Jan 2019
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