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Trawick International has teamed up with DOGTAG® to offer travel insurance for adventure sport travelers to cover more than 500 different sports and activities.

DOGTAG® has been providing travel insurance to adventurers in the United Kingdom since 1999. Having a team full of adventure travelers, they understand what is needed out of a travel insurance company such as affordability, 24/7 emergency assistance services and coverage on even the most extreme sports. DOGTAG® was founded because one insurance did not cover all of the necessary sports for adventure travel. DOGTAG® proudly covers over 500 different sports and activities.

Trawick International has stepped in to bridge the gap for United States customers. Residents of the United States will now be able to purchase DOGTAG® travel insurance through when traveling 100 miles or more from home and will be covered for accidents 24/7 during their trip.

In addition to travel insurance protection for almost every sport imaginable, travelers will also receive a personalized stainless steel dogtag that carries their name and unique DOGTAG® identity number, so carrying around paperwork is unnecessary. The dogtag also has DOGTAG®’s 24/7 Emergency Assistance contact details and access to the travelers own vital emergency information, in case of a misadventure.

Trawick International offers four DOGTAG® branded plans that are available for US customers. These plans range from the most basic level of coverage to the most extreme, covering sports such as parasailing, BMX racing, ice diving and many more. For a list of all covered sports, please visit .

With rates ranging from $99 to $219 for trips up to 30 days and $241 to $495 for trips up to 180 days, you will not find a comparable insurance plan for adventure travel.

“From the Everglades to Everest and everything in between, one plan will offer coverage for 500+ sports and peace of mind during your travels. DOGTAG® is your most important piece of equipment for your next adventure,” said Curt Carlson, Trawick International Senior Vice President.

“If you’re an adventure enthusiast like I am then you know how difficult it can be to find a quality insurance plan that specifically names your sport. DOGTAG® does that and so much more. With trip cancellation, search and rescue and sports equipment coverage all included, there is no need to look any further for a better adventure travel insurance plan.”

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