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This Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season when many Americans will be heading off to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and explore some new domestic and international sights. Where are they headed?

According to a leading travel insurance comparison website, Cuba has seen a dramatic 149% increase in Americans insuring flights, just in time for the various commercial flights that will soon be jetting off to the Caribbean nation. You can read more about that in our previous blog.

Spain usurped France as the number three international travel destination with just over 70% of travelers insuring fall trips. South Africa also saw an 80% increase, representing the largest amount of growth among the top twenty international destinations.

With all of the travel activity this upcoming fall season, this begs the question: what are travelers concerned about? Over 120% more customers are specifically searching for policies that provide terrorism coverage, and perhaps more unusually, more than 60% of them are seeking hurricane coverage.

As for how much Americans will be spending on travel this season, it’s estimated to be about $2,836 per person, with the average total cost of a trip averaging about $8,040. This number represents an increase of close to 6% compared to fall of 2015.

This update is provided by travel insurance provider Trawick International. Some of our travel insurance plans include international and domestic inbound and outbound travel insurance, missionary travel insurance, trip protection and cancellation,, and Schengen Visa. Call 877-233-4591 for more information.

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