Make the Most of Your Holiday Travel with These Apps and Websites


What are some of your favorite apps to help you avoid the holiday travel headaches? If you aren’t using smartphone apps, you may be missing out on many opportunities to streamline your travel and make things much easier. Here are some examples.

Find a nicer seat. SeatGuru will display a map of the plane’s cabin and you can potentially avoid having to sit in the middle. Use it along with the website and set up alerts to be notified when a seat happens to open up. You can choose something like “any aisle seat” and you’ll receive an email as soon as it becomes available.

Get all necessary information in one place. GateGuru is essentially the Swiss Army knife of travel, providing a breadth of information including real time TSA wait times, virtually instant notifications on flight delays or a gate change, and even a map so you can find out where to eat while you wait.

Stay in a lounge for less. Even if you aren’t a business traveler or if your seating includes economy, LoungeBuddy will allow you to purchase access to the VIP lounge at hundreds of airports around the world. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with memberships, extra fees, or any of the extra fuss.

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